– Our long history, and our deep knowledge in fashion, clothing
production, logistics and import, combined with a flexibility and
delivery ensurance out of the ordinary, have given us a pole
position in the market.

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With nearly half a century´s worth of experiance.

With experiance spanning over 40 years, GoteDavid have taken the hand that threads the needle, the craftmanship, and the devout care of the details, and turned them into a unique foundation for the company to build upon. they are the seams that bind GoteDavid, the values the make worldwide brands and retailers choose the company as their partner.

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Today, the production is global.

The textile is tailored to both men´s and women´s clothing in Europe as well as in Asia. Although the industry becomes more modern each day. Gote David haven´t forgotten their roots. the legacy that was left behind by founder Göte David Johansson´s grandfather - the Swedish clothing legend Algot Johansson - exists in every thread in every fiber and cutting. There´s no such thing as chance.

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After a hundred years the story
is always expanding.

The head office is still located in Sweden´s capital city of textile Borås. The one-of-a-kind fusion of old meets new - traditional craftsmanship, modern technique and fresh design - is always within hand´s reach. Because even if most of the work is being done by machines, the handcraft is the blood that flows through the company´s veins. It is the heart and soul and that is reflected in the quality. Regardless if it´s the coat´s pockets or the blouse´s broidery.

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