– Our long history, and our deep knowledge in fashion, clothing
production, logistics and import, combined with a flexibility and
delivery ensurance out of the ordinary, have given us a pole
position in the market.

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We’ve been working with dressing the modern man for 40 years.

From the blazer to the whole wardrobe, inside out. We know how the jacket’s vents are supposed to be shaped, when you should weave Oxford or Pinpoint, and what to keep in mind when sewing shirts with a cut-away. That’s why we can offer affordable solutions for a specific collection, or the clothing lines as a whole.



And our knowledge also applies for women’s clothing.

Pencil, tube or tulip? Should the slit be placed in the side seam or the rear seam? And we haven’t even gotten to the skirt’s details yet. How it’ll be designed, or where it’s best to allocate the production depending on quantity and quality. We know women’s clothing, and we’ll gladly help you with a specific collection, or the clothing range as a whole.