We cooperate with leading manufacturers and suppliers, respectable brands, delivery services and have been doing so for well over 40 years in its current form. The head office and warehouse are located in Viskafors just outside of Borås – the heart of Swedish fashion and textile industry. Our region brings a one-of-a-kind fusion of old and new. Regardless of traditional craftsmanship or modern technique – fresh design is always within hands reach.


Even if most of the work is being done by machines, the handcraft is the blood that flows through our veins. Whether it’s about the coat’s pockets or the blouse’s embroidery, quality is the heart and soul reflected throughout every piece. The craftmanship and devout care of details is what forms a unique foundation for our company to stand upon. This foundation comes to a whole when worldwide brands, retailers and resellers join.


Although the textile industry becomes more modern each day, we haven´t forgotten our roots. The legacy that was left behind by founder Göte David Johansson’s grandfather – the Swedish clothing legend Algot Johansson, still exists in every thread, fiber and cutting.

There´s simply no such thing as chance.



Supply of raw materials with constant price fluctuation in mid 1800 came to be the beginning of a cartel formation in our region. A man called Sven Eriksson had a major role in this formation. As main investor, he organized machine imports from England to start their own spinning business which was realized in 1853. One year later, he expanded his business with a second factory where production from 1857 mainly was focused on weaving heavier qualities such as moleskin fabrics.

Today, this building is home to our office and warehouse.


From the first design sketch to the point of production. We leave nothing to a mere roll of the dice. That´s why we visit our manufacturers and suppliers as often as possible.


Our production partners in Europe are modern ventures with the latest technology who know exactly what´s at stake. They are expected to follow our Code Of Conduct which ensure that they take social responsibility and comply with ILO and United Nations Conventions. Regular audits are conducted, and our suppliers are expected to follow the current environmental legislation such as REACH, POPs, BPR among others.  

We are proud members of the Swedish Chemicals Group.



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515 32 Viskafors, Sweden

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